Snapshot date

3 April 2019

Person responsible for employer’s report

Iain Lewis (Managing Director)


Ground Floor, 2 Britannia Buildings, Merchants Road Hotwells, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS8 4QD

Nature of business (SIC)

Administrative and support service activities

Employer Size

1000 to 4999 employees

Gender pay gap report

Glen Cleaning Co. ltd. is a privately-owned business.

We have reported to HM Government the data required by them for firms employing more than 250 people.

The data demonstrates that in both median pay and bonus payments there is a 0% difference. There is now a only a 2.95% difference in the mean level of pay. This is down from last year’s figure of 4% and we will continue to work hard to reduce this further. This pay gap is not caused by unequal pay for men and women in the same roles and with similar experience.

The significant difference in the mean bonus is due to the Chief Executive being male and paid a significant level of his remuneration as bonus payments.

The gender pay gap is a situation that we, and society as a whole, are anxious to address as for us it is critical to the ongoing success and future of our business.

We are committed to developing the best talent across the company, as well as being inclusive for all employees, and have implemented a number of initiatives to encourage a better gender balance within the business.


Gender pay gap statistics

Difference in hourly rate

About mean and median

The mean hourly rate is the average hourly wage across the entire organization so the mean gender pay gap is a measure of the difference between women’s mean hourly wage and men’s mean hourly wage.

The median hourly rate is calculated by ranking all employees from the highest paid to the lowest paid, and taking the hourly wage of the person in the middle; so the median gender pay gap is the difference between women’s median hourly wage (the middle paid woman) and men’s median hourly wage (the middle paid man).


Women’s mean hourly rate is 2.95% lower than men’s

In other words when comparing mean hourly rates, women earn 97.05p for every £1 that men earn.

Women’s median hourly rate is 0% lower than men’s

In other words when comparing median hourly rates, women earn the same as men.

Proportion of women in each pay quartile

About quartiles

Pay quartiles are calculated by splitting all employees in an organisation into four even groups according to their level of pay. Looking at the proportion of women in each quartile gives an indication of women’s representation at different levels of the organisation.


Top quartile (highest paid)

68% of the top quartile are women

Upper middle quartile

74% of the upper middle quartile are women

Lower middle quartile

72% of the lower middle quartile are women

Lower quartile (lowest paid)

74% of the lower quartile are women

Bonus Pay

Who received bonus pay

1% of women

1% of men

Difference in bonus pay

Women’s mean bonus pay is 82% lower than men’s

Women’s median bonus pay is 0% lower than men’s