Kids with Capes

April 2022

A special thanks to all our employees for living the Glen Values! 

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March 2022

Marie Bye - Holymead Primary School, Bristol

“Marie has  been so amazing through an incident with a colleague on site which is now concluded. Marie  remained professional through it all and offered her time and full support to help clean and keep the standards up at the school. All while having a massive smile on her face."

Thanks, Donna for Making A Positive Difference 

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager

Marie Bye.jpeg

Ameena Akrim at Colston’s School Bristol 

“Ameena, not only does works tirelessly for Glen group working weekends plus any extra work at the school she also assists the client as well and we are very thankful for all she does” 

Thanks, Ameena for Making A Positive Difference

Carol Bates Service Delivery Manager

Ameena Akrim.jpeg

Gillian Knight, May Park Primary, Bristol 

"Thanks to Gillian, who's Supervisory skills have been exceptional throughout pandemic, and we are grateful that you go above and beyond on a daily basis"

Thanks, Gillian (looking so glamorous) but also for 

Having Pride in What You Do

Andy Burge, Regional Manager

Gillian Knight.jpeg

Angie Hayball, Yatton Junior School, Bristol  

“As the Supervisor on site, we can always rely on Angie to deliver great service to the  School”  


Thanks, Angie for Making A Positive Difference

Andy Burge, Regional Manager

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Matt Francis

“Please recognise Matt he has been such a great support to Caroline and myself.   
Matt, is such a lovely person, and our teachers have commented on  how friendly he is, well done Matt!”  


Thanks, Matt for Making A Positive Difference

Karen Dodsworth, Service Delivery Manager

Matt Francis.jpeg

Osama Almadani, Shire Hall, Gloucester  

“I would like to nominate Osama who has been worked for Glen since 2008 and part of my team since 2010. He is a great colleague,  reliable, efficient  and always willing to help

Thanks, Osama for Great Teamwork

 Shan Balakrishnan, Operations Manager

Osama Almadani.png


February 2022

Donna Smith - St Chad’s Primary, Bristol

“One of our KS1 teachers wanted me to let you know that she is very happy with Donna who cleans her area & said she wanted to give feedback to say how she does a really good job.
Just thought I’d pass it on as it is always nice to get positive feedback of a job well done.”

Thanks, Donna for Making A Positive Difference 

Trish Sutton, Admin Officer at the school

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Lewis Hoare, Graham Tucker & Lesley Fenton

South Devon College. 

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Lewis, Graham, Lesley and the rest of the cleaning team for supporting the ABB event in the Hi-Tech & Digital Centre today, and constantly being on hand helping. This is a really high-profile event for us and it was noted by our business partners at ABB how on the ball they were!"


Congratulations to Graham Tucker, who has just celebrated 39 years’ service at South Devon College.

Thanks, guys for Great Teamwork

Charlotte Bounsall, Event and Projects Coordinator 

Danut Ilioiu - West Berkshire Castle Gate, Berkshire

“ Danny works very well with the cook here and always assists her with giving the kitchen a thorough clean.  The environmental health officer commented on the cleanliness of the kitchen. Danny’s efforts contributed to our 5-star food hygiene rating.  Danny is always reliable and works hard to maintain a high standard of cleaning. Thank you!”  

Thanks, Danny for Having Pride in What You Do

Alison Burke Facilities Administrator at West Berkshire

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Karon Powell - Barley Close Primary, Bristol  

“I would like to nominate Karon, who was very reluctant to take the role of supervisor but has shown good leadership and has managed staff brilliantly throughout the pandemic. Building good relationships with our team, our client, teaching staff and the caretaker. Thank you Karon” 


Thanks, Karon for Making A Positive Difference

Sue Taylor, Service Delivery Manager

Amany Morsy - Service Delivery Manager, Berkshire

“I think my boss Amany is the best boss I ever had! If I have any questions or any problems she is always there to help! Nothing is too much trouble for her and never gets angry even if I call her a million times. She is a wonderful person and always care about her staff! I'm not writing this feedback because I want to win anything, I'm writing it because she would really deserve acknowledgement for all the hard work she does! Thank you Amany!


Thanks, Amany for Making A Positive Difference

Neomi Revak


Michele Thomas, Operations Manager, Devon


Michele is trained as one of our Wellbeing Ambassadors and we are very proud of her actions to support one of her team members, who sadly experienced a terribly difficult time in his life, Michele was able to contact his family and was part of getting him the support he needed.  
Michele Said:

“An important part of my role is to ensure that my team are safe and well, leading staff through an extremely challenging 18 months, has been so tough on all of us, but we should not shy away from suicide awareness. 
Feeling helpless and worthless are common feelings associated with feeling suicidal. Often these thoughts can be overwhelming and prevent you from feeling anything else. Sharing or expressing these feelings can be helpful and talking to a trained provisional can save a life.”

Thanks, Michele for Valuing Your Team for and recognising when people need support

January 2022

Richard Hill - Mobile Supervisor in Somerset

“Richard came to work as my mobile temporarily from working as a Janitor at County Hall at the beginning of the pandemic but was so amazing I could not let him go back he is an amazing guy. He is always jolly, which cheers us all and his support and kindness to others go above and beyond. Thanks, Richard, we never want to be without you!” 

Laura Burns, Service Delivery Manager

Richard Mill.jpeg

Conor Bosley - Supervisor Somerset CC County Hall

"Conor has been the supervisor on-site since 2019. Promoted from his position as an evening cleaner, he has blossomed as a supervisor and is an integral part of the County Hall team. Through constant changes in the contract, Connor has gone above and beyond.
I am so proud of the person he has become and look forward to seeing how much further he can develop in Glen”

Laura Burns, Service Delivery Manager


Cesar Brito - Blackhorse Primary School, Emersons Green, Bristol

“We are so happy that Cesar works for Glen. The children at Blackhorse Primary School left him cards and gifts at Christmas.
How lovely and no surprise Cesar is so kind, cheerful and polite, no wonder the children love him”

Sue Taylor, Service Delivery Manager


Tony Hicks  The Castle School, Taunton

"Tony has worked at the school since 2014, and didn’t get the recognition he deserved until 2020 when I promoted him to Supervisor, since taking on this role he has worked extremely hard, working with the team and delivering for our client, he really deserves this”

Michele Thomas, Operations Manager


Samantha Pinney - Padstow School Cornwall

“Thank you, Samantha, you are a star!
Samantha has worked for Glen for many years and come rain or shine turns up for work and does a great job, supporting others”

Michele Thomas, Operations Manager


Jayne Legg - Supervisor, Blaise Primary, Bristol

"Jayne has looked out for the welfare of staff both at and outside work. Jayne always thinks of others rather than herself so I would like to nominate Jayne for her kindness”

Andy Burge, Regional Manager


December 2021

All Staff at Glen

In December we celebrated 'A Year in Review'
Well done to all of our hardworking staff throughout the year.

Glen Team

glen all staff.png

November 2021

Dawn Price & Kelly Humphries, Supervisors

"They’ve taken on the role of supervisors at Fairfurlong Primary and doing an amazing job. Between them, they have been working extra hours in order to make sure the school is up to our standard and always clean. 

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager

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Tracey Porter (Payroll) & Anne Jasper (Account SL)

"I would like to take moment to recognise the work and constant support from two members of the finance team, Tracey Porter (payroll) and Anne Jasper (account SL).  It’s a real pleasure working with them and the “can do” approach they bring towards not only staff and clients but their colleagues."

Jacqui Verel, Financial Controller

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October 2021

"I wanted to thank the ladies here for all their support during the transition of the changes to the Gloucester City Council contract, following the retention of Lots 1 & 3 and the award of Lot 2.

You have been amazing and I couldn't ask for a better team!"

Gina Hall, Service Delivery Manager

Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 19.19.44.png
Screenshot 2021-10-19 at 19.19.38.png

Dawn Pocknell, Dorothy Johns, Louise Pocknell, Eileen Virgo, Jenny Sutton, Diane Goldwag.

September 2021

Piper Bready | Blackhorse Primary School

Meet Piper Bready from Blackhorse Primary School, Bristol started with Glen in September 2019, when Piper attended with her support worker. 
“We are delighted that Piper has grown in confidence and all customers and staff who she meets become very fond of her. Piper is always the first to offer support, thank you Piper you’re a star! “
Unfortunately, on Wednesday 15th September, while waiting for Sue,  Piper was hit by a car, which did not stop. We are grateful that she is now getting well, and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Sue Taylor, Service Delivery Manager

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Elena Smith & Ruby Jones | Chew Valley School, Bristol

“Both ladies have been absolutely outstanding in managing the cleaning at the school, specifically since the start of the term,  Elena and Ruby have stepped up and have taken control of the student team and managed the school extremely well. I am so proud of all the students  who have pulled together to clean this large secondary school, it  is absolutely incredible, massive credit.” 

Mitch Leonard, Service Delivery Manager

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Jenny Bennet | Hardy’s Birthplace Visitors Centre

Thanks to Clair Platten, our client at Hardy’s Birthplace Visitors Centre in Dorset, who wrote to us about Jenny Bennet:

“I would just like to share with you how pleased we are with Jenny’s work. She has made a positive impact here at the centre.  We have even had a couple of recent reviews stating how sparkling clean the facilities are, something I don’t think we have ever had before! Clean facilities are one of the fundamentals of a good visitor experience so please pass my Thanks onto Jenny for her part in ensuring our visitors have a positive time with us “

Clair Platten, Client at Hardy's Birthplace Visitors Centre

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Batulo Osman | Whitehall Primary

"Batulo is a real asset to Glen. SHe has been a great support in recruiting new team members and helping on other sites with a beautiful smile on her face"

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager

Rosie Sealy | Cotham Primary

"Rosie has helped the operations team hugely as the schools returned from the summer break. Her team have worked on other sites while maintaining the highest standards on her own. Thanks, guys you've been amazing!"

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager

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August 2021

Gayle Mahoney


"Gayle is our longest serving staff member at 38 years, with this milestone being celebrated this month. Gayle works at our office in Bristol and is a much-loved member of the team who we are very grateful for."

Ross Barnes, Managing Director 

Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 10.20.39.png
Screenshot 2021-09-02 at 10.20.47.png

“Mother & Daughter team, Hannah and Rachel Tovey, have been stand out stars throughout the pandemic and beyond, not only by providing excellent standards of service at their normal sites but also in a much wider capacity, providing a flexible and responsive service, often at short notice. They have travelled far outside of their own ‘patch’ without hesitation and have bent over backwards to ensure our clients receive the highest standards and to help ensure a safe and hygienic environment for our client pupils, staff and visitors. They epitomise the ‘Local Hero’ values and fully deserve recognition. Well done ladies! ”

Carol Bates, Service Delivery Manager

July 2021

Our colleagues in the Bristol office - Maryann Worsfold (left), Holly Slade (right) and Sue Wallington who work in Employee and Operations Support are 3 worthy Local Heroes.

Kim Stevens, Business Improvement Director said:

 “they are the glue that holds the business together, thanks for all you do!” 

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 13.27.28.png

Bruce Dunn, Operations Manager said, my vote is for Julie Coleman at Holymead Primary School in Bristol.

“Julie does 3 people’s jobs on most days and her work is amazing. A true Glen Local Hero” 

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 13.27.34.png
Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 13.27.39.png

Yadira Carillo Novoa works at Backwell School in Bristol.

Mitch Leonard, Service Delivery Manager,  wanted to say a huge thank you to this lovely and extremely hard-working lady.  

"Yadira has just taken more of a leadership role at Backwell school and across the other Backwell sites. Assisting with recruitment and onboarding of new team members."

Congratulations to Julie Hitt, for her 15 years of service working for Glen and now doing a grand job at Axiom Veterinary Laboratory in Newton Abbot. 

Michele Thomas, pictured here with Julie said:  “Julie has a perfect record in cleaning standards and reliability. Thanks, Julie you are a local hero and a star!"

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 13.27.44.png
Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 13.27.49.png

Here is lovely Lucia Dirzu, who works at Museum Collection Bone Lane.

Our client Dawn said  “Hi, just wanted to say how impressed we are with Lucia’s cleaning, people have commented on how good it looks, and today she even emptied and cleaned the kitchen cupboards. She's a star!”

Thanks, Dawn, for taking the time to write, Amany our Manager visited Lucia with card and chocolate as  a thank you for all her hard

Sue Taylor - Service Delivery Manager 

Well done to Sue Taylor, thanks to Sue’s First Aid Training she was able to support an employee onsite, Sue was able to provide one of her team with immediate attention when she had a suspected heart attack on site.

Sue gave life-saving support and put the lady into a recovery position, whilst waiting for the ambulance. We wish our colleague a speedy recovery.

Andy Burge Regional Manager said, “The incident reminded us of the importance of training in First Aid and this has been a focus in my area over this month, ensuring people have the skills and confidence to help save a life." ⛑️ 

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June 2021

This Gentleman is Ian Stapley, who works at Exeter City Council and has worked for Glen for nearly 10 years. 

Michele Thomas, Operations Manager said:
“Ian is reliable and consistent, and his standards are really high. His local Hero award is so well deserved."
Outside of work, Ian cares for his elderly father. But we wanted to share how brave Ian is,  Ian lives with Asperger syndrome, which causes significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication.

We are proud of you Ian and happy to call you a colleague, well done!  

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.46.22.png

Congratulations to Kathleen Russell who has been promoted to Supervisor at South Wales Police Rumney.  

Steve Blake Operations Manager said “Kath has shown great leadership skills and support of her team, her promotion is so well deserved”

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 14.04.30.png

Chris Ridd, Mobile Cleaner within South Wales Police.

Marisa Clark Operations Manager said:

“Chris is a credit to both ourselves and SWP, we always get great feedback from the stations where he works. Thanks, Chris for always supporting and for  your smile and can-do attitude, I really couldn’t do without you”

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 14.04.35.png

Joanna Kwiatkowska –  Tortwoth Primary School,  South Glos.

Despite very personal trying times during the past year, Joanna has never let Glen Cleaning down once and has proved yet again how lucky we are to be able to call her a colleague at Glen Cleaning. Dziekuje sincerely Jo for all your support.

Batulo Osman – Whitehall Primary & Claremont Special School  Bristol  TwS 

What can I say about Batllo? Other than we all love her very much, her sunny disposition as well as her tireless efforts and dedication to quality make her a unique and wonderful person to work with. Always a treasure to us all. Mahadsanid.

Paulo Ibba –  Backwell School  Bristol - Lighthouse Schools Partnership 

Paulo is a force of nature, a human dynamo that is focused on service delivery for Glen Cleaning. His positive attitude along with the high standards he sets are testament to the irreplaceable member of the team that he is. Grazie Mille Paulo.

May 2021

Thank you to Great Torrington School in Devon, for giving our team an Award of Appreciation, well-done ladies!

Kim Northey and Martyn work at Cusgarne Primary School in Truro.

Sonia Heathcote, Service Delivery Manager recognised both for being Local Heroes. 

"Kim has worked at the school for 35 years, she plays the drums in a rockabilly band with her husband who plays the guitar, and they do many concerts in aid of cancer research, apparently, they are very good!
Martyn has worked at Cusgarne for 3 years, he was a glazier by trade but gave this up to care for his family."

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.39.55.png
Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 13.40.59.png

April 2021

Zoey Cambell from Bude Juniors, and Kay Hendry from Summercourt were given awards for long service, attendance and both go over and beyond to provide a good service to their schools for Glen.

Zoey is Supervisor who has been working for Bude Juniors and Infants for over ten years, she is both enthusiastic, funny, compassionate supervisor who always brings a smile to her team.


Kay Hendry she has worked for Summercourt School for nearly ten years, as well as working for Glen she also takes care of her mother every day. She also an enthusiastic pet owner who owns two German Shepherds as well as having two Bunny Rabbits.

Zoie Campbell 1.jpg
Kay Hendry.jpg

Ang Robinson has worked for Glen the last 9 years and has decided to retire and hang up her marigolds. Ang has been a a real team player at South Devon College leading a large team as the Site Supervisor, her resilience and expertise has gone a long way way supporting Glen to win a re tender 3 years back.


Ang will be greatly missed, however we all wish her well for the future !


A big thank you to Hayley Jones, Supervisor at Thomas Hardye School which is the largest in Dorset with over 2100 pupils.  

Nina Morgan, Operations Manager said :


“During the pandemic, the school was open the entire time and Hayley led her team of 24 introduced Time & Attendance and all the changes.  Hayley is very positive and motivates all of her team, she is always willing to help.  Hayley is a great asset, help and support to me, and the team and I want to say thank you.”  


A big thank you also to Zara Taylor Site Supervisor for Shire Hall, who is this month Gloucester County Councils' Local Hero.

Andy Burge, Regional Manager, said : 

“Zara is the overdue and extremely well-deserved recipient of this months award as yet again Zara’s efforts go well beyond the extra mile in not only supporting Glen and our clients but also her colleagues during this unprecedented time.   
Zara, thank you sincerely once again you are a very special member of the Glen team”

March 2021

unnamed (1).jpg

Thank you, Theresa, for your 24 years of service, and the photo of your hard-working team at Woodmancote school in Gloucestershire. Keep cleaning!

The girls are Sonia, Ann, Kate, and Heidi.   

unnamed (4).png

Teresa Penny sent some great photos of her team meeting her majesty (with no face-covering!) at Burgess Salmon in Bristol.

Teresa Penny, Hannah Johnson & Teddy Gansukh being awarded our employees of the month trophy from the queen!

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 14.23.58.png

Nadia Balaghi is nominated as the employee of the month at West Berks.

Amany her manager said :

“Nadia is a very hard worker; I can always depend on her. She never lets us down and regardless of the weather she always comes to work on her bike”

Screenshot 2021-05-04 at 14.24.05.png